With every intention I would defend the right of public assembly to address a wrong otherwise not addressable. We were born out of that assembly. However, the recent street demonstrators have exceeded that right in response to an election. Almost half of those voting in the recent election didn’t want or like Donald Trump, but they demonstrated their unhappiness in the manner our forefathers designed: They voted. Thus, having addressed their disfavor of Donald Trump through the casting of their vote, one would not expect their presence on the city streets of America in open demonstration against Donald Trump. They disavow their understanding of why they voted in the first place. For those who didn’t bother to vote, or didn’t have the legal right to do so, they have absolutely no right to demonstrate their disapproval for they have not earned the right to do so by exercising the vote the Almighty has provided for this Nation. In like manner, I think of those “celebrities” who vowed to “leave the country” if Donald Trump were to be elected. They remind me of the many children I have worked with who, upon not getting their own way, threaten to demonstrate through their temper tantrum. We expect such from little children! And, those who take to the city streets to demonstrate through violence and destruction are basically thugs who dishonor the voting booth and think that kind of anger brings change. Local law enforcement would hopefully not tolerate this kind of action. Certainly, college students who enter into supporting violent demonstration should also tread lightly since, for sure, some of their college experience is supported by the very government against which they demonstrate. Using the voting booth, we all can’t get our own way. But thank God for the privilege of the voting booth as many across this world would give their life for it, and many of our own already have. I am reminded of what the Apostle Paul wrote to a little church in Corinth. He taught, “When I was a child, I thought as a child…..when I became a man (woman) I put away childish ways…” I Corinthians 13:1. Enough! “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons (daughters) of God.” Matthew 5:9

Dr. David A. Keller

Trout Run

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom