Honor them

The “fight” between the “Nation’s People” and our government in North Dakota — shame on anyone who just believes they can yet again “takeover” land without proper permission from the people who own it. Oh yes, eminent domain! Well, excuse me. Long before the blacks were “slaves,” the British soldiers and patriots etc., or landgrabbers, invaded this county and stole this land from the people who were already here. They overtook their land, stripped it of its fertility, raped their women, gave them diseased supplies — one being blankets infected with small pox, slaughtered their main food source for only the skins and left the meat to rot. I am sorry and ashamed that they once again have to fight to save sacred grounds and precious water sources because of the white man’s greed. I have never been a fan of President Obama, but at times I have to agree with him and this is one of those times when I feel he is right. Move to a place that will not invade the native’s source of fresh water and their sacred land. Please respect these people! They deserve it!

Katherine Archer Slaybaugh Shipe

Old Lycoming Township