I am a Muncy Indian

To the leaders of Delta Thermo Energy, I was not born an Indian. In fact, I am not from here. Let’s be clear, there are some born here that are not Indians. I am also not Native American. There may very well not be a single Native American in this tribe. So what makes you and I an Indian? It’s much more than our schools mascot. It also has nothing to do with where you were born. In this case it has nothing to do with heritage, race, or nationality. So what is it then? What makes us Indians?… The cause, the fight, and the way we fight. Standing Rock, South Dakota and the Sioux. That sounds like a stretch, but it’s not. We are all natives. We are all humans, we are all Earthlings, we are all sharing this one rock that supplies our every need. We are Indians because like the Sioux at Standing Rock we are coming together to protect our piece of this rock, our way of life, and our community, our tribe. We are Indians because for thousands of years they have been teaching us all of these things are connected. We are Indians because we accept that as the truth. We are Indians, we are Muncy Indians. We will stand, we will fight, we will not lose, we will be peaceful, we will be respectful, and we will be victorious. We will protect and defend our families, community, and planet. We are many, we are strong, and we are united. We are Indians, Muncy Indians. Mr. Van Naardon and Jason Weisz, you are not Indians. You are not Indians because you have chosen to put profit over people and planet. You are not Indians because you have no sense of community with people or nature. You operate under a false notion that purchasing buildings makes a member. Because this community has had to rally together to defeat and protect our families, community, and planet, I no longer wish you well. As an Indian, a parent, a member of this community, and protector of this planet, I will not stop until your plans have been crushed. Personally, now that this community has had to expend numerous resources to protect ourselves from you and your plans I hope for your investment to be a complete failure. I will not, and would not suggest anybody do anything to make you feel welcome. I wouldn’t suggest anyone to feel bad for you or your failures. Jason Weisz and Mr. Van Naarden, in the Indian spirit when you finally leave our community, as a parting gift we offer the few you have corrupted as gifts. Feel free to take them with you, they turned out not to be Indians either.

Heath Miller