In agreement

In response to Gretchen Kennedy’s Nov. 8 letter to the editor and after receiving my latest AAA newspaper today, I was compelled to write in agreement. This comes upon the third anniversary of my 23-year-old niece’s unnecessary death; a death due to a 90-year-old driver. This person’s family, doctor and friends should have been aware and probably were of his driving capabilities after several accidents before he caused the senseless death of my niece. They did not stand up to him to take his keys away before he caused the senseless death of my niece, a beautiful, smart and energetic young lady, ready to take on the world! We all know that our reflexes diminish as we age. How many people do you see shuffling across the street, parking lot or sidewalk, only to get in a car and DRIVE? If you can’t pick up your feet to walk, how do you expect to pick them up to push the brake or gas pedals? There are many avenues to help a family make this difficult decision. If you are an older driver and unsure what is the best decision, talk to your physician, take the AAA Mature Operator’s class or volunteer to retake your driving test to make certain that you and those on the road with you will be safe. If you are a family member or friend, talk to your loved one’s physician and enlist his / her help in making this very difficult but necessary decision. Until laws are passed to help eliminate this problem for all of us on the road with “mature” drivers, we need to make these tough decisions before it is too late and more families are destroyed. Your “mature” driver has had the opportunity to live a long life; let’s eliminate tragic accidents and allow those that they may hit or kill have a chance to live theirs! Do the right thing. Talk to your “mature” driver today. Hand them this letter to start the conversation.

Corinne Waldman


Submitted by E-Mail