It didn’t transfer

In a Nov. 17 article by Victor Davis Hanson, he gives his analysis of why the Democrats have been losing elections of late. Since the days of F D R, the party had been considered the party of the working man, but the party’s movement leftward, which was radicalized under President Obama, largely ignored the working class. At the top were Ivy League and coastal liberals and billionaires, along with media elite. They talk left wing, but live like royalty. Those at the bottom of the party are government employees and others relying upon government for their livelihood. They court minorities and expect their votes, but ignore the fact that much of the middle class consists of minorities and they’re leaving the party along with middle class whites. They stirred up tribalism and pandered to various groups, then ran a 69-year-old white multimillionaire. The strength President Obama had didn’t transfer well to Hillary Clinton.

Phil Underwood


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom