Let the Bible speak

No, earth did not suffer a cosmic crash 56 million years ago. The earth is only in its 6,166th year, according to the world’s greatest history book ever, the Bible. The earth was formed on day one in its history, in 4,150 B.C. Earth was formed, furnished and populated in six literal days. What happened to change the earth from its perfect creation; was Noah’s flood in 2,495 B.C. In Genesis 7:11, we’re told that, “all the fountains (volcanoes) of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened.” Volcanoes were originally filled with water in order to keep the earth cool. As the water was depleted, molten rock poured out of the volcanoes; in some cases forming islands. There was one huge continent on the earth when it was formed (Genesis 1:9). The water was gathered into one place and the dry land appeared. The continents that we now have were formed by Noah’s flood in about eight months to a year in 2,495 B.C. (Genesis 8). The great heat that occurred was a result of the volcanoes spewing fire and the movement of the new continents. There was great destruction on the earth during the flood. The Grand Canyon was formed at this time. The history of the earth is simple when you let the Bible speak for itself.

David L. Swabb