As I sit and ponder the reactions not action of Tom Wolf after he viewed the flood damage in Eldred Township, Lycoming County, just leaves me mystified. I am almost certain if any of Wolfs functionary cronies were victims of the flood Federal aid would not be a problem. The United States is quick to send aid to foreign countries. How sad, the citizens of this country must struggle on their own. The day of flood, you could see Penn Dot trucks spring into action plowing the stones and dirt from the road. Not one government worker could or was permitted to help the individuals who lost their homes, roads or bridges. Thank God for the kind people of this county, they alone helped out with clothes, water and food. Maybe if Governor Wolf had seen more Clinton/Kane signs, he would have granted aid. Just follow the last few floods the U.S. has had and how long it took for aid to get to the victims. I am angry. I have just mailed my taxes into the system; I am not sure exactly what the tax dollars are going to, but I am sure they will not help the flood victims.

Gary E. Rosato

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom