Not in charge

So sorry to read about the devastation with the waters of the Loyalsock and Lycoming Creeks. As I live in Muncy and have lived here a long time, I know first-hand what high and powerful water can do. With these recent events, I noted that there was a gasoline leakage into the ‘Sock. DEP monitors that pipeline. One of the arguments we heard from the company proposing to build an untried process plant in our town was that it would be regulated by DEP. DEP is not in charge! Catastrophic events can and do happen. Bad enough that we have gasoline spilling into the water but to place a new processor that could misfire or flood right in the middle of our town, where is reason and logic? Just to say that DEP will monitor is no guarantee for our safety. As there are no plants of this kind in existence in the United States, I can only hope Muncy does not have to be the one town in the country to try it.

Diane Konkle