Older drivers

Today, Oct. 26, I read Dear Annie and one of the items in it was about older drivers. It reminded me of some of the reasons to quit driving. I stopped driving when I was 73 because I didn’t feel safe on the road. I drove nearly 50 miles one way, three days a week, to a job. I retired that year and decided to stop driving (I said it was safer for you on the road). There are so many services to take advantage of in Lycoming County to get a ride anywhere you want to go. I see many older citizens who are unable to walk without a walker, a cane or some other apparatus, get into the drivers seat and I worry if they are really able to drive. I’ve seen them never looking before crossing the road, going into a parking lot, parking anyway in that lot never looking for other people or other cars so as not to hit them. And if they do hit anything, not getting out to look much less to report it. Most of these drivers can’t see from side to side and have to turn their bodies in the direction they want to see. They can’t lift their legs up far enough to use the brakes when needed in a hurry. I’ve even heard people whom I am friends with, say that they will never give up their car. They drive too fast or too slow, think others should look out for them and don’t look out for themselves. Winter is coming, and I hate to think about these people out on the road. So, please people, stay home, get your kids or STEP to take you to the store, to take you to the doctor’s office or the hospital. Think about others on the road. You could hurt yourself or some little kid or adult if you can’t respond quick enough. It is about safety not pride!

Gretchen H. Kennedy