Our representatives

Like many, I am quick to criticize politicians and find fault with our political system. In July, my wife and I were informed that our insurance company had changed names. We learned a few weeks later that the medicine my wife has taken for more than ten years for her disease Guillain-Barre, a rare illness, would no longer be covered. They determined that the medicine has not been proven to be effective towards her disease, medicine which was prescribed by the Head of Neurology at Geisinger Medical Center. My wife and I immediately filed an appeal with our insurance company requesting that they once again cover the medicine. Our company denied our appeal to resume paying for my wife’s medicine. With this rejection, we filed a second appeal, but this time sent copies to our U.S. Representative Thomas Marino, State Senator Gene Yaw and State Representative Garth Everett. Within a week, my wife and I received a call from all three offices. The office of U.S. Representative Thomas Marino informed us that all three political entities had discussed our letter, and that State Senator Gene Yaw’s office would be looking into our appeal. I am happy to report that our insurance company, after the third appeal, changed its position on covering my wife’s medicine. Medicine which has provided relief from her symptoms associated with Guillian-Barre. Did contacting our local representatives have anything to do with the change in our insurance company’s position? We may never know, but my wife and I do know, our local representatives do take time to listen to concerns of their constituents.

Craig and Rhonda Kurtz