Prepared for Veterans Day

in Korea, I started out as an 81 m.m. mortar platoon leader, forward air control officer and artillery coordination officer, for the 2d Bn., 5th Marine Regt., 1st Marine Division. The latter part of my tour (6 months) I served as C.O. of Easy Company. It was during this time that I gained a strong “appreciation” for the World War II veterans of the USMC. The professionalism, fighting spirit of these NCOs was totally “outstanding.” The NCOs comprise: fire team leaders, squad leaders, platoon sgts. and enlisted. These NCOs engage the enemy at close range with rifle machine gun fire, grenades and many times hand to hand combat. I feel proud and privileged to have served with the heart, soul and backbone of a U.S. Marine “infantry BM.” Freedom was not, is not and will never be free.

George J. Bossert