Sobering observations

Last week I felt like celebrating our recent presidential election results, so I attended an annual Lycoming County Commissioners’ meeting in Hughesville. I had hoped to experience first-hand how the Conservative movement in our country might have affected how County Government governs. Boy, was I mistaken. We are as liberal tax-and- spend as ever. I listened for two hours about how homeowners will be paying for enlarging existing programs, creating new ones, hiring more staff, living through another tax reassessment with tax increases, and pumping more money into our misguided assets that need more cash. The most disappointing discussion revolved around the Lycoming County homeowner golf course. Once again, our commissioners will kick the can down the road, fork over big bucks, and pass the bills onto the next generation of homeowners to pay for this money pit. Last year’s monster 1 mill tax increase to homeowners was not even mentioned as having any effect on this year’s deficit. If $104 million is not enough to cover all of our assets, maybe some brave soul should bring up the possibility of selling one of our many assets to make ends meet. What a dramatic conservative idea that is. Our private sector works. It knows how to run businesses efficiently. Business owners can even make a decent living running their business. They have skin in the game. Government does not. When government assets fail, homeowners are lawfully required to bail them out financially. In our case here in Lycoming County, homeowners will continue to pay year after year, tax increase on top of tax increase for government assets that require zero accountability. What a great legacy to leave for kids.

Chris Myers


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