Troubling description

The Wednesday edition of the Sun-Gazette article concerning the Montoursville Area School Board meeting included some troubling descriptions of a school board member’s ongoing behavior at board meetings. Perhaps a little refresher on earlier events is needed to help folks understand some facts that rarely get mentioned anymore but do seem pertinent. The original board opted to proceed with a $36 million dollar rebuild rather than a $22 million dollar renovation which seems to be a difference of $14 million dollars. That amount does not include financing costs which are significant (millions more). Now an original board member is taking the new board to task for a $416,164 cost overage which the taxpayer will have to pay. Seems pretty hypocritical to me and a little late in real concern for the taxpayer. Amounts quoted are from an official handout from the public hearing held on February 24, 2015 at the high school. David E. Grube


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom