UPMC alliance will add excellence

n 28 years, in Family Practice and more recently in Hospice and Palliative Care. I have seen and sometimes been involved in a number of steps in the evolution of our health system in Williamsport. I think there has never been a more significant and exciting step than our recent affiliation with UPMC. As a physician member of the selection committee participating in the decision about which organization Susquehanna would affiliate with, I saw firsthand what affiliating with UPMC can mean. Along with a group of other physicians, I toured a number of UPMC hospitals, and had frank, unfiltered conversations with staff and physician leaders. In each location, we had a strong sense of the strength of the UPMC system, the compatibility between their culture and ours, and the benefits they would bring to our region. The extensive financial support UPMC will invest in our region was exemplified by what we saw in Erie, Altoona, and elsewhere. Millions of dollars of investment and support had allowed for the development of new and expanded services needed in those regions, permitting more patients to receive top level medical services in their communities rather than to travel. In addition, we saw the sharing of clinical information and best practices between medical experts in the different facilities, with the focused goal of ensuring that the care in each UPMC health system reflects the very best available. Being a part of the UPMC organization, which is a leading research and physician training institution in our country, provides access to tremendous clinical and intellectual resources for our area that will allow us to grow, expand and improve the way we care for our patients here. I have always been proud to be a Susquehanna Health physician, and am confident that, for my colleagues and I, becoming UPMC Susquehanna physicians will ensure that our care for our patients, our friends, our neighbors, our community is excellent in all the ways that matter most. Alexander Nesbitt M.D. Medical Director Supportive and Palliative Care