Vietnam veterans

I attended the recent ceremony to recognize local Vietnam Veterans for their service. It was a very nice gesture to recognize that we never really had any positive homecoming when we returned from the Land of Rice and Opportunity. But those of us who saw heavy combat in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos never needed any show of support from the American public — never. We were always proud of ourselves and our comrades who fought alongside of us. We never needed or expected any support and we never got any. But we knew deep down that we were too special to care what mere civilians thought of us. I had it pretty easy by serving on helicopter gunships but I went out to die each day along side of the infantry. They always knew we would be with them and would never leave them when death looked into their faces. Just like we knew they would come to get us when the NVA bullets dropped us in flames out of the sky. I think back to all of those mornings waiting with the infantry for the artillery preps to stop so we could get our blades turning and fly into another assault in to the waiting guns of the enemy. We played cards and joked while waiting but no one ever prayed —lot of pagans after you no longer care if you live or die. We all respected each other while we were going out to die together…and we still do. The guys who fought alongside of us knew that and proved everyday by going out to die with us. I salute you all who served when no one else would go: and I salute the brave NVA who fought to the death to kill us. But for those Americans who decided to not serve -we didn’t really need you. And you were not and are still not, worthy to walk along side of us. When you die and go to Heaven, but we will be going to Valhalla where we will fight all day and drink all night.

Al Sever


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom