Get over it

So you are proud to be a Republican after seeing the disgusting display of reaction to election by Democrats. How dare we behave in the such a manner towards your choice for president! It was easy since we followed the example displayed by Republicans after Barack Obama became president twice. Republicans fought him every step of the way. They used every tool at their disposal to obstruct and deny every initiative he proposed. There were the cartoons depicting the new President as Hitler, a monkey, a terrorist and more as well as his wife.

Your side also started the “birther movement”. You remember the movement out to prove that President Obama was foreign born and many on your side still believe he is foreign born as well as a Muslim.

The Republicans tried to tell the Democrats that President Obama did not have a mandate after winning the general election twice with both the popular vote and the electoral college.

Your side likes to bring up the quote from President Obama where he stated that ‘elections have consequences’. He said that after losing control of the Senate in 2009. Yet President Obama is leaving office with a very high approval rating, higher than the Republican taking over his job.

Your side started a petition, including in this area, to impeach President Obama. But you are disgusted by our behavior. Why would you want anyone from the liberal vanguard of Hollywood performing for a Republican president?

To top it off your side has the ‘Tea Party’ which came into being as a reaction to President Obama and his ‘Obamacare’. The Republicans never accepted President Obama. What makes you think my side is going to accept what your side is doing now? I am proud of being a Democrat and I am proud of President Obama. I wanted his legacy to continue. I suggest you get over it.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom