What’s needed

Every time you convince a good person to not live in Williamsport with your negative banter you unfortunately may be replacing them with a not so good choice . Do you want a city filled with horrible crime like downtown Detroit or East St. Louis? I don’t think so and truly it is not like that.

We have hundreds of Victorian homes built by the lumber barons of the late 1800″s Each one built by German craftsmen, one-of-a- kind historical buildings, We have two colleges with high placement ratios and the place that is probably gonna save your life if you happen to get sick.

We have 28,900 good people, honor roll students and kids with a future. We have fairly priced apartments with actual yards and greenspace, not box apartments and cookie cutter homes here. We all want good people to live here and dispel the federal money housing vouchers that are invading our city.

Federal money is choking us like a rotten tooth. Over 70 percent of the federal housing vouchers in the county are in Williamsport, driving up our crime rate and stressing out our services and police. The people who are on the boards of these federal programs are not releasing the addresses of the homes where these crimes are committed and people are living, paid for by you the taxpayer. We need to know and we need to dispel these vouchers throughout the county.

Mim Logue