A shameful vote

I observed 20+ wild turkeys on the Internet following their leaders tail as they walked in a circle around a dead cat in Boston. It’s reported turkeys fear cats because they can kill their young, and that’s why they were walking around the corpse to see if it could present a threat to them. Turkeys are reported to have a large body with an acorn size brain, not exceptionally bright, have a flock mentality and tend to blindly follow their chosen leader.

I was reminded of the turkeys’ bizarre behavior when I viewed the Democratic senators demeaning behavior toward Neil Gorsuch during his confirmation hearings to the supreme court. The democrats were fearful of Gorsuch as they followed the leadership of Senator Schumer and hurled deceitful insinuation against him. They were fearful Gorsuch’s confirmation would give the supreme court five conservative justices who would interpret the law as the Founders intended. Democrats have a socialistic mindset, a controlling demeanor, an elitist mannerism, and were hoping for a Clinton presidency. Then they could have appointed justices who would legislate from the bench, thus helping them accomplish judicially what they could never achieve via the voting booth.

Three Democratic senators, Manchin, WV, Heitkamp, ND, and Donnelly, In, did not submissively fellow the democratic leadership and voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court along with 51 republican senators. The 45 other senatorial turkey trotters, including Pennsylvania’s Senator Casey, blindly followed the rear of their leader, Sen. Schumer, and shamefully voted against confirmation of Neil Gorsuch.

William L Emick


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom