Anger over facts

To the man behind me at the gas station on East Third Street on March 22 at 4 p.m., who yelled at me and told me I should read the paper, I hope you see this.

I do read the paper and I watch Fox News. You saw the Trump bumper stickers on my car and started shouting about Trump cutting Meals on Wheels.

When I tried to speak, you just continued to shout.

“Trump’s cutting it! Read the paper!”

Why didn’t you want to let me respond? If you had, I would have told you my understanding of the (very small) decrease by the federal government.

Trump is passing the power back to the states. Perhaps you should be angry at the governor, who keeps raising taxes and where is that money going?

Why not to seniors and WIC?

You’d rather be angry at Trump than consider the facts.

Deborah K. Ulbright

South Williamsport