I thought I’d finally figured it all by myself. So I Googled the above title and found that I was, by no stretch of the imagination, the first one to do so.

I had long since confirmed in my own mind that President Trump is not a liar. You see, liars are actually concerned about the truth. That is why liars try very hard to conceal their lies. Liars are hypocrites. President Trump is not a hypocrite. As French writer once said, “Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue.” To Trump, the truth is immaterial.

No, President Trump is, in fact, a BS-er. BS-ers couldn’t care less about the truth. They just make things up to suit their own purposes. President Trump does not try to persuade others that falsehoods are true. He BS-es habitually because he says whatever he thinks is necessary to get people to like, applaud, adulate and support him at any given point in time. And that keeps changing. So the BS-ing never ends.

At this, he is very good. President Trump’s batting average has a 33% floor of people who have a favorable opinion of him. That’s enough to put a baseball player in the Hall of Fame, and was, evidently, enough to put a politician in the Washington and Mar-a-Lago White Houses.

Hillary Clinton was definitely wrong in calling Trump supporters “deplorables.” But Democrats should realize by now, that no matter what Trump does or says, including shooting someone on Fifth Avenue, his supporters certainly are, and will remain steadfast “exploita-gullibles.”

Tim Mannello


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