I read what was in the American Health Care Act, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to afford my supplemental health insurance any longer. With the Social Security and pension I get, there isn’t much left over after I pay my bills, including my health insurance premium. I wasn’t happy about Obamacare when it was passed, but I have to admit that it helped me find a supplemental health insurance plan I can afford.

I had been contacting Congressman Marino’s office in Williamsport for some weeks trying to get his opinion and provide him my concerns about the American Health Care Act. Each time I called, his staff would tell me that he hadn’t taken a position on the bill. I called again just before the vote was canceled, and his staff told me that he was going to support it. I asked when I could plan on visiting with him at a town hall meeting, but his staff says he isn’t scheduling one.

I thought Congressman Marino cared about seniors in this area. He was willing to support a bill that would make my health insurance too expensive, and he’s not willing to meet with his constituents to explain himself.

I thought he promised not to support anything that would hurt Pennsylvania seniors. I thought he was a good egg, but if he’s willing to hurt Pennsylvania seniors, I can only imagine who else he’s willing to hurt for the sake of staying in D.C. politics. Shame on you, Mr. Marino.

Shirley T. Hauck

Loyalsock Township

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom