Take protesting elsewhere

I read the article in the April 11 edition about the protesters who showed up at Congressman Tom Marino’s office. How ridiculous! Where have these people been for the past six years Marino has been in office? Have any of you even called or stopped by before now? Marino has consistently voted in favor of conservative values and positions for those six years – this isn’t something new. Yelling, singing, chanting, etc. isn’t going to change the fact that Congressman Marino is a conservative Republican. That’s why we elected him to represent us! Hats off to Marino for sticking by his values.

I’d be surprised if any of those protesters even understand what the district offices do. Protesting in the office during office hours is disruptive for all constituents who live in Marino’s district. The district offices handle casework to resolve issues people have with government agencies. Have a problem receiving Social Security Disability? Those are the people who will fix it. Never received a medal after serving our country? Marino’s staff will handle it. Have a problem with your veteran’s healthcare benefits? The district office staff is who will solve the problem.

Protesting in the office causes problems for Marino’s staff and constituents. It’s not fair to conservatives and liberals alike who genuinely need the services provided by Marino’s offices.

Congressman Marino has some of the best staff members in the country – take the protesting elsewhere and let them continue with their work.

Margaret Ringenary