The false narrative

The latest political narrative coming from the Democrats, their political pundits and followers is that nearly every policy introduced by President Trump will “hurt the very people who voted for him”. It doesn’t matter if it was the latest healthcare bill, his trade policies, or the rescinding of former President Obama’s Executive Orders.

What’s apparent is that just like in the general election when they missed the frustration of the American blue collar workers; they still do not understand what their frustration with the government is about. Their tendency is to try and fix everything with Big Government solutions. The people who voted for President Trump are not looking for those types of solutions.

What they reject is the notion of a “nanny state” that forcefully takes the property from their successful neighbors and redistributes it to them. They are not envious of those who are more successful than they are. What they want is a government that stops rigging the game against them with onerous regulations that eliminate their jobs or trade deals that send their jobs offshore. Their desire is to be useful productive members of society.

It may be true that many of President Trump’s policies will hurt the very people who voted for him, but what the Trump voters already know is that the policies of the past 20 years by both the Democrat and Republican Parties have already gutted their ways of life. Things can’t get much worse for them.

Gavin T. Ferringer

Lock Haven

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom