A waste of taxpayers money

The money paid out in custody cases in quite astounding. First we are paying the court’s Esquire, then the Esquire for representing the child, and of course the Judge must get paid, and don’t forget the security officers we must pass through before we even get started.

Unfortunately, I am in a custody case and have first hand knowledge of all these people getting paid by our tax dollars and I am sure I missed a few.

The worst part is most of these people determine the outcome of a child’s life. I wasted money on a lawyer when the determinations were already made by the judge and the two Esquire role holders.

These titled people are going to make their “Normal Routine” decisions whether your case is different or unique from other cases or not.

I say, “Let’s not cater to a parent or parents who have had numerous opportunities to follow the rules of society.” Why do they deserve additional chances?

Also, let’s get court custody decisions done in a minimal amount of time. To those making the final decisions, let’s take better care of the victim, “The child.” Their future is in your hands! Would they make the same decision if it were their son, daughter or grandchild?

Think about it!

Robbin Rudinski