Be careful

As a result of my aging, I decided to start using home-health aides about four years ago. The results for me have been decidedly mixed, and I want to warn the many other people out there who might employ aides who are supposed to be providing care and assistance to their clients.

Although many aides are responsible workers, many of them are untrustworthy, incompetent, and even abusive. One of my aides cheated me out of thousands of dollars, and her replacement was abusive and disrespectful. The latter aide suddenly quit leaving me without service.

I believe that these problems are rooted in sexual irresponsibility and drug abuse. Many young women don’t seem to know what birth control is, and they end up as single mothers unable to adequately support their children. They may also abuse illegal drugs. If they seek employment, then they see home-health as a relatively easy job to get. They also know that their clients are easy targets who can be cheated out of money and abused like I was.

My advice to anybody who needs home health is to be careful with whom you take on as an aide. If she doesn’t seem right, then she probably isn’t right. Take care that she doesn’t cheat you out of money by never loaning money to her to begin with. If she’s abusive or acts strangely, then seek another aide. Doing so can save you a lot of headaches and a lot of money.

Joseph Jagella


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