Campaign Trump vs. now

Campaign Trump said that a president must have great stamina and he had great stamina. On his ‘historic’ trip he ended it riding in golf cart along side the other leaders of NATO nations when they walked together. Campaign Trump would call that ‘low stamina’.

Remember when Campaign Trump asked how can anyone want to leave the greatest house in the world, the White House. Campaign Trump said he would never ever have time to play golf like some other President does. He would be too busy working for us to have time for golf and he owns a lot of golf courses. In 19 weeks he has played 22 times. The call of the golf course much be stronger. Unless he meant the ‘Southern White House’ was the greatest house in the world.

Remember when a president was referred to as the great communicator and not a twitter abuser.

Remember when Campaign Trump said he knows how to make great deals. Still waiting on that.

Charles M. Reeder


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