Entitlement: The legal right to something.

Entitled: The idea that one has a right to something.

I had an interesting conversation with a gentleman on social service programs like SNAP, Section 8 housing, etc.

It’s my position that I don’t mind helping the disabled or those who are down on their luck. I do mind helping people who could work but won’t. It’s also my position that the help given be limited to basic needs; food, water, shelter, and clothing. During the discussion, it was revealed that the gentleman was disabled and, in fact, was receiving social services.

It quickly became apparent that the gentleman felt that he was entitled to much more than he was receiving.

His idea of “basic necessities” included TV, cable, internet, computers, phones. etc., because he would be bored out of his mind if he didn’t have those things. He also felt that his snap benefits were not enough. He used the ‘general welfare’ clause in the preamble and Article 1 of the constitution as the basis for his legal right to be entertained.

This attitude is exactly the thing that bothers so many people about social programs. It’s not that the people are receiving the help they need, but the unreasonable demands that they have a right to be given things that are not necessary to live. Many of those receiving the help feel no gratitude at all for the help they receive.

Mike Kerstetter


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom