A broken record

Good grief. Yet another “you’re just mad because your candidate lost” comment. It is not about losing; it’s about a buffoon in office who has no business being there. He has yet to begin working on the job to which he was elected but has spent the past six months doing nothing more than shameless self-promotion and lashing out like a child against any perceived slight.

Tweeting out insults in the middle of the night. Holding rallies to make himself feel important instead of getting down to work on the issues. He is narcissistic and vindictive and seems to feel he, alone, is above the law. He is totally ignorant of how our government is structured and doesn’t seem interested in learning.

This is a man who gets his information by watching TV, who bragged of his stamina and then rode a golf cart instead of walking with the other world leaders when he attended the G-20. One who brags of being more presidential than any other since Lincoln and then makes a self-promoting, inappropriate and divisive speech to the Boy Scouts of America and who actively shoved aside another world leader so that he could be in the front of the group for photo ops. He came into office promising to drain the swamp but has, instead, surrounded himself with some foul-mouthed pond scum.

He has demeaned the office of the U.S. president and weakened us in the eyes of the world, cozying up to despots and insulting our allies.

So, to you who think I am just mad because Hillary lost, I suggest that instead of writing to the editor you should also actually read this paper.

Vicki L. Enigk


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom