Battle for land

As intelligent Americans which most of us are, or at the very least should be, we must be aware of three entities which have been stripping us as citizens of our most treasured liberties. Environmentalists want our lands, government wants our money and the liberals want our constitutional freedoms. They have formed an alliance to push federal legislation to consume private property like a gas well frac-job consumes water.

Forty percent of our country’s land mass the government already owns, but the liberal environmentalists believe that is not enough and more private property should be saved from the owners, and it should be purchased outright by our government.

When there is not enough tax-dollars present to purchase such lands that they so covet, the liberal environmentalists believe that imposition of wetlands, endangered species acts and similar regulations becomes the best weapon to prevent landowners from utilizing their own property. Or through use-restricting easements, also known as “dead-hand control.”

Conversely, most rural landowners feel that their property must be protected from the government and the environmentalists. Specifically, from programs that reduce property value, degrade property resources, threaten ownership and increase cost for management and development, such as science and historic programs.

Land owners have been , for the most part, unsophisticated with the tactics of property wars and basically dumb-founded on procedures of retaliation against these threatening environmental programs which seek to steal their lands.

Typically their response to these regulations responsible for the problem, is to try and legislatively fix them. Politicians repeatedly have shown us just where their loyalties lie, when it involves their priorities towards rural America. Therefore this approach has virtually proven useless. Consequently, many landowners believe their only chance is litigation, or cut their losses and “sell out”, of course at fair market value required by the Fifth Amendments, just compensation clause.

Rural America’s environmental battle permeates our entire country, tears at the very foundation of our Constitution and the compact between the people and our government is slowly but surely being eviscerated.

Many families destroyed and much faith in government lost, because of the rape of rural America. Demographically outgunned, rural Americans face trampling by a suburban majority hell bent on nationalizing America’s landscape. Bitterness runs deep for much of rural America, that already believe the time for constructive engagement is past.

Todd Lauer

Jersey Shore