Driver education

I have a lot of time to think and reflect as I drive many miles with my sales job. Even though I have a very good driving record, I must admit that driving is not always easy.

I think most drivers would agree that we need to drive more defensively than ever before in this age of cell phones, seemingly endless miles of road construction, an increase in road rage incidents and other new challenges from this fast-paced society. These only add to the distractions we have always faced while driving.

As I reflect on this with another school year about to begin, it is my hope that our local school districts will continue to maintain the drivers education programs.

Not only is driver education more practical than many courses in a school curriculum but it also helps keep our kids safe. It benefits the student with lower insurance rates and in developing good driving habits that are needed when first obtaining a drivers license.

The drivers ed I received in my PA high school, complete with numerous serious and oftentimes gory (but it got the point across well) movies about car accidents, was some of the best education I received anywhere.

Many of you reading this letter will also remember this because it was so effective.

If you agree, please let your voice be heard.

Dave Huffman