What makes “Deeply Concerned” think he is “entitled” to an annual COLA just because he is a employee/retiree of the Federal Government? The rest of us retirees out here have learned to live without a COLA. I worked for Bell of Pa, now Verizon, for 40 years retiring in 1988 & have never had a COLA. Not then and not now.

Most companies have not and do not give COLA’s and those that did have now stopped. I am sure this is a great savings to them.

So why should the federal government be any different? Social Security gave us a small COLA this year, the first in years, and took it back to cover medical expenses. You say it threatens your financial security and the value of your hard earned annuity. And, you mention that the cost of goods and medical care are on the rise.

Do you think the costs “rise” only for you? We retirees see groceries, prescriptions, gas & all other goods rise every day. We are not blind, just getting old. What do you think the rest of us retirees do to handle the problem? We have learned to live with it & so can you. Live within your means.

Why should we have to pay more taxes to make your life as a Federal “employee/retiree” more comfortable? Where do you think the money for your COLA would come from?

Higher taxes from all of the rest of us citizens/retirees. I never answer letters to the Editor, but yours makes me angry that you are so self absorbed.

While I sympathize with you, all I can say is sorry, “suck it up”.

Eileen Raisch


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom