Are you kidding?

This poor man cannot win no matter what he says or does. Condemned for strong words to North Korea and condemned for not being harsh enough for Charlottesville. Where was President Obama throughout all the riots, threatening the police. If you’re going to blame one, blame all in charge of our country.

I am sorry about the young woman killed, but she was an adult. She made the decision to attend this “rally.”

But if people are not happy with the way this country is being run, then get out! Go to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria or Africa and North Korea. Go ahead, try protesting in these countries; you will be jailed, beaten, tortured, lose a limb or be beheaded.

Just because you have “rights “ — remember, everyone in this country has the same rights. No one has cornered the market on civil rights, or any rights!

If my opinion, if anyone hurts or kills anyone or loots, robs or abuses innocent people — they must pay the damages out of their own pocket, pay funeral expenses, hospital bills and work to support a family whose livelyhood is destroyed out of their own pocket. Don’t do the crime if you don’t want to do the time.

Katherine Archer Slaybaugh Shipe

Old Lycoming