Middle Class downfall

It is no mystery when you look at the overall progress of nations to see that a political entity, usually a nation, develops itself through the heard work of the middle class. Usually the middle class benefits the nation to such degree that it becomes self-sustaining and well off and then along comes the elite who cannot let it alone and has to take over. The first thing they look at the middle class and say, “you haven’t taken care of the needy people; you have to take care of them.” Now the elite doesn’t pay for it. The elite doesn’t do anything but direct attention to what it sees is needed for change so it finally overcomes the middle class who usually is not very able, politically. They are just used to working hard and developing their own family fortunes and security and so the elite comes along and divides the middle class into all kinds of fighting issues. For the long run, it is that they have to take care of the needy probably for reasons that are their fault and they need help and so the middle class is destroyed by taking care of the needy at the direction of the elite and that is when the country goes kaput because without the middle class prospering the nation will fall apart and that has happened many times. Argentina and Venezuela are examples.

Incidentally, Obama and Clinton started out pennyless and have ended up, through politics, multi-millionaires.

Right now in America, we have a strong middle class which has made America the richest in the world but the elite is starting to take care of that. The first sign of it was with Obama and Clinton who started changing things at the expense of the middle class. All of a sudden we had a quirk in the efforts of the elitists. Donald Trump came along and reversed the action of the elitists in their destruction of the middle class. Trump is trying to stop it for a while but it won’t last long because the elite are working very hard, even with Trump as President.

They have the young people thinking that Trump is bad for the nation and so, the song will continue with the elitists who do not pay for anything; they just tell the middle class we need social changes and that is what is happening in America. The middle class is under attack and I don’t think it fully recognizes it although they support Trump but we will see if it continues to fight the elitists who got the attention of the media, colleges and youth. We will see what happens. Obama said when elected I will fundamentally chance America and Hillary said after losing we will continue to fight.

William E. Nichols