The real disservice

Dan Alters wrote a letter telling the Sun-Gazette they do a disservice giving equal weight to “those that understand the science of climate change and those that choose to deny” it.

Mr. Alters sets up a strawman argument by using the pretense that people deny that there is climate change. There is no doubt that the climate is changing. The debate and doubt is about man’s effect on the climate. In order to measure our effect or lack thereof, one must first determine that our climate is outside of the normal climate cycle range. There is no empirical evidence that it is. Everything is based on theory and conjecture.

One of those theories is that rising CO2 levels are the cause of the rising temperatures. Could it be that rising temperatures are the cause of rising CO2 levels? Back in the era of my high school days, we were told that rising CO2 would plunge us into an ice age. When it didn’t happen the theory changed.

There’s a great possibility that “science” is looking at the available evidence from the wrong direction. If you look at condensation on a window and correlate the condensation with cold temperatures, then base all of your theories off the presumption that condensation causes cold temperatures, you would completely wrong in your conclusions.

Those of us who are critical thinkers are not questioning climate change. We’re not “deniers”. We agree that the climate is changing. We simply are looking for answers to the nagging questions regarding man’s effect on the climate, CO2 being the cause of the warming climate, and whether we are in something other than a normal climate cycle.

So far, no one has been able to point me to any empirical evidence to support the man-made climate theory.

Mike Kerstetter


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom