For as long as I can recall (60s on), WASP stood for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, referring to those in America who were often in positions of power.

As a child of the 60s, I witnessed changes which led to great African-American rights, and more recently to increases in rights for women, Hispanics, American Indians, Jewish Americans and Muslim Americans.

I had thought this great land has been moving beyond its prejudices, beyond the control of the worst of the WASPs. But then recently, the unrest and bloodshed in Charlottesville proved me wrong. It exposed an ugly, ultra-radical mindset that if allowed to escalate unchecked will tear the fabric if America into shreds.

Find the responsibility for this turmoil goes all the way to the top. I find the president to be mean-spirited, dangerously toxic and super arrogant — even amoral, lacking genuine positive character traits.

All his words spoken about Charlottesville offer little comfort to an American nation seeking moral leadership.

Like the insect, he buzzes angrily about and threatens us with his painful stings. Most disturbing of all is the possibility of future racist rallies being planned. And at what cost to fair-minded, innocent Americans who love this noble nation as much as they love life itself?

Margaret Shaw

Jersey Shore