I must say I found the latest letter in support of President Trump, “Blame Alligators”, to be very amusing. The swamp has been drained and all of the alligators and swamp creatures have been exposed; too bad you don’t see that the White House is run by a crocodile with a staff full of asps.

I loved this query in the letter, “What about the morality of the illegal actions by Obama; that because he had a pen and a phone; did not feel the need to do what is right in the first place and go through Congress and enact a law from the start?” President Trump uses his pen and phone to get things done because Congress is inept ,as when the Republicans took control under President Obama. President Trump is just as immoral. You would think with Republicans in control of all branches of government that things would get done without the need of a pen and phone. When the Trump supporters blow their horns, it is just a lot of noise, not a happy tune. But that is President Trump, a whole lot of noise. His supporters think it is music.

Charles M. Reeder