I’m angry at the NFL and its owners permitting a nit-wit like Colin Kaepernick to sully our National Anthem and our flag in such a manner, and then have the audacity to uphold him.

I have nothing against one such as he, to protest, but when he does so in such a demeaning way, and wears socks depicting police as pigs, and a shirt praising Fidel Castro, he is spitting in the face of our founding fathers, and all the men and women who have served, bled and died for this country.

I am a Korean war veteran, and I take such actions personally.

They even go against their own bylaws that state that during the flag and anthem ceremonies, that all players are to stand erect with their helmets in their left hand. These are the same owners who ask tax payers to pay for their stadiums.

We veterans take our flag and anthem very personally.

Once when we Korean vets were performing a flag ceremony at Penn College, the wind caught the large flag like a ships sail just as we were raising it, and rather than let any part of it touch the ground, we all held onto it, and some were literally lifted into the air, risking injury while preventing it from doing so.

When I watch sports on TV, I don’t expect to be a witness to political garbage.

However the far left in this country uphold such practices.

They are not happy, unless they are tearing at the very heart and soul of our nation.

This veteran and all others I have spoken to, express our outrage and are sick and tired of such anti-American displays.

Galen W. Seaman