Back referendum

Voters will have the option of passing a referendum on Nov. 7.

The referendum will amend the state Constitution, allowing the state legislature to enact legislation to enable local municipalities and/or school districts to exclude up to 100 percent of the assessed value of a home from taxation.

The referendum would not apply to commercial properties.

We encourage voters to pass this referendum to help pave the way for property tax reduction or elimination, making the commonwealth a more attractive state for homeownership.

This amendment is one step toward achieving some property tax reform. Allowing school boards, municipalities and counties to have the option to exclude up to 100 percent of the assessed value of a home from taxation puts them in control of their local tax collections and gives relief to many homeowners.

The Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® and the West Branch Valley Association of Realtors® advocates on behalf of homeowners – because owning a home is part of the American Dream.

Maintaining an environment conducive to homeownership is important to allow young consumers and families to be able to afford to purchase a home.

In addition, it lets senior homeowners have the flexibility of remaining in their homes or downsizing to meet their personal needs.

Vote “yes” to approve the referendum on election day.

West Branch Valley Association of Realtors

Angela Fisher

Association Executive

Submitted by E-Mail