Cost of living suggestion

This is in reference to a letter “Fed up” written by Paul Rinker of Montoursville. He states from time to time a letter from a social security recipient complaining that they either didn’t receive a cost of living increase or that it was too small. He thinks these complaints are misguided and miss the big picture. He believes there is a real problem out there. It is not that people aren’t getting higher payments, it is the cost of living keeps increasing. The working class and the wealthy continue to receive increases every year.

This is why the cost of living keeps going up, because of the increases in their wages. That is the true reason why the cost of living increases every year. He states the problem is that the value of the US dollar has been eroded. To put things into perspective as to why the retired senior citizens are having money problems is this. The cost of living effects all citizens. The most fortunate who bring home more income every year such as school teachers and county employers is just why the cost of living increases every year. An example is the fact that as an 85-year-old retired and Korean veteran, I have received $1.50 a month increase over the past 3 years.

Unions, contracts and benefits handed out every year by our local, county, state and the federal government is why the cost of living is effecting the retired seniors of this country, regardless of all the false and misleading reasons dumped upon us by county, state and the federal governments, along with the misconceptions that a few of our citizens are brainwashed concerning this unfair policy that effects retired seniors on fixed incomes.

I’m a firm believer that if a raise is given to the younger and more fortunate in this country, then everyone else should also receive the same amount. If anyone disagrees with me then they are not retired and they must have missed the train when it came through town. For those who agree with Mr. Rinker, I would ask them if they are living on $700 a month like many seniors are trying to do. For those who are not, they should refrain from reaching such conclusions, as to why the seniors in this category should be helped instead of being condemned.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.