Divide of war

This concerns the relationship between President Donald Trump and the leader of North Korea, Ri Yong Ho.

I never dreamed I would ever see the day that leaders of any two countries in today’s world, would make such derogatory things about one another.

They act as they are the only authority in today’s world that knows right from wrong.

They speak of war against each other is more important than the millions of citizens who would die without reason if the two countries declared war on each other.

Hitler tried to conquer the world when he started the second world war. President Roosevelt was confined to a wheel chair and one of our top Presidents, and he was elected President three different times.

He was the only President to ever accomplish this. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, they soon realized what a terrible act of aggression they had made and they payed a heavy price for their actions.

We showed no mercy to end the war because we were attacked by Japan and it was all in the hands of our President to end the war at any cost. This he did and it saved a lot of American lives.

However, our military paid a high price to keep us free, which we are yet today.

I was a teenager when the second World War ended in 1945, so I know that I am talking about. I didn’t read it in a history book.

The fact remains that today we are the best of friends with both Germany and Japan. Wars do not accomplish anything and it has proven to be true. Humans are not animals, we are civilized and the world should start acting the way it was intended for us to act.

It sure wasn’t intended the way things are going in this country today, such as some pro football players who show disrespect to our American Flag and our National Anthem. Such actions are covered up with the belief that we Americans have the right to a lot of freedoms that are written in the Bill of Rights.

These freedoms certainly were not intended to be taken advantage of or for the few who choose to act uncivilized because they have money and free advertising over national TV.

If any individual chooses to believe in their actions, they should be removed from appearing on national TV and their contracts destroyed.

They are unfit to appear in public places which includes playing football.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.