Double standard

When Playboy’s founder, sexual liberation pioneer, activist and some would say womanizer died, I found some of the reactions a bit ironic. Some Conservative Christians on social media recoiled at the celebration of this American icon’s life. Some of the same people who demonize Hugh Hefner and what Playboy magazine cultivated culturally in the last half of the 20th century voted for another Playboy for president.

Why would so many value voters give Donald Trump a pass on boasting about his sexually assaulting of women to a TV reporter yet find fault with Hugh Hefner? Imagine if Hugh Hefner hadn’t published Playboy in 1953, eventually providing a forum for writers, artists and other intellects that most publications of the time weren’t brave enough to allow their words to grace the pages of them. Playboy indeed is one of the things that has made America great!

Hank Moody


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom