Here they go again

Here they go again – a group from Washington.

A D.C. trust is trying to get people who are receiving Social Security to give them cash support to stop Congress and others from cutting social security benefits. Why attack the Social Security age group that are receiving Social Security?

Another thing – the group claims to protect religious freedom. If someone is a Christian and takes a stand, they try to secure them to stop or will face a lawsuit. If a group that says things is sharing Christianity, they claim it is offensive to them and yet they want to put a stop to it so they can push their own beliefs.

I trust that in Colorado the baker that refuses to make a cake for a gay couple wins. He has a right to refuse to bake a cake for them because he believes as well as one man and one woman makes a marriage. God is trying to get our attention to change our wrongful living but many refuse to see it. Remember Noah and the flood. The day is coming.

Allen Biechell

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom