Honor our community

Recently, while recognizing October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Lycoming County Commissioners appropriately honored Wise Options and Court personnel who work with and serve victims of domestic violence. We owe these individuals and all who work to eradicate domestic violence in our communities a debt of gratitude and I applaud the commissioners’ actions.

The article inspired me to also honor another group within our community which is an integral partner in this endeavor. I am referring to the Lycoming County Law Association and its lawyers, who since 1985 have volunteered their services to represent victims of domestic violence before the courts. Private attorneys take these cases on a rotating basis and at no cost to the victim. Their representation ensures individuals who are at their most vulnerable have access to the court system and a voice to speak for them and to protect their interests. As evidenced by the letters the victims send thanking and praising the attorneys who have taken their cases, this service is vital to the process and deeply important to the victims.

The Law Association’s Pro Bono programs, including the Protection from Abuse panel has garnered recognition and been honored by the PA Bar Association and the PA Legal Aid Network (PLAN) as an example of an outstanding pro bono commitment by the members of the Association.

This past week was the American Bar Association’s Pro Bono recognition week. Take a moment to honor and thank these volunteers.

Danna Rich-Collins


North Penn Legal Services