Kudos to Sun-Gazette

I must extend my most voracious respect to the courage and integrity of the Williamsport Sun-Gazette for their printing of the front page of the Saturday, Oct. 7, edition. Like the cover says, 215 plus years of unbiased, truthful, not fake news.

We as citizens of Lycoming County, must realize the importance and necessity of this publication being available to us as “Free Americans”, especially at the local and county levels of government. Make no mistake my friends, your “voice will not be heard” without the “freedom of the press” and I do not mean the “electronic press.”

Please forgive the brashness of my opinion, but if not for the Sun-Gazette’s attendance at these local meetings along with the occasional public constituent, especially the Lycoming County Commissioners twice weekly meetings, we as county residents would basically be considered “blind civically.”

Believe me when I say to you that I have witnessed first hand the negativity that these reporters receive from not only constituents, but also our elected officials when it pertains to the “facts of the case” concerning public matters. Do your part, speak your opinion, contact not only your elected officials but also the press.

Todd Lauer

Jersey Shore