Living in the past still

I was happy to see on the news that Vice President Pence left a football game because the players yet again showed disrespect and dishonor to the United States. Yes, President Trump asked him to leave if this happened, but personally, he may have done that anyway.

Finally someone is showing their disappointment at such ignorance, narrowmindedness and just plain stupidity.

Haven’t people displayed their “position on racial crap” enough? Ok — we get it — you’re displeased with the very country that allows you the freedom to voice your opinion.

Our priorities are so screwed up, we think more about sports than the very country we live in. Oh, and I am sure the players don’t mind being paid millions of dollars and yes, I realize they have a lot of injuries, but I wonder, how much do our soldiers make and who really helps them when they are injured, maimed or killed.

In light of the tragedy in Las Vegas, the sports players “complaint” seems insignificant. Oh, let’s be honest, just plain pathetic.

Do these people actually believe they are the only ones being “attacked”. Guess again. Many people are “picked on”, a large part of the time but one learns to grow up, mature and leave the past in the past.

I was raised by God’s Law; whatever your background may be doesn’t matter.

You are in charge of your own life — no one can make or break your life, that’s up to you, but try living God’s Law — the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Bad things happen in life, deal with it and move on. Life is too short to live with so much anger within. Those 58 people didn’t even know their killer.

Katherine Archer Slaybaugh Shipe

Old Lycoming