Moral equivalency

Progressive leftist academics and their followers believe different societies are morally equivalent. As an example, they believe communist totalitarianism and democracy are morally equivalent, even though according to Professor R.J. Rummel’s research in “Death by Government,” from 1917 until its collapse, the Soviet Union murdered or caused the death of 61 million people, mostly its own citizens.

From 1949 to 1976, Communist China’s Mao Zedong regime was responsible for the death of as many as 78 million of its own citizens. If we compare the lives of people living closer to capitalism rather than socialism we’ll see their natural rights are far more protected and their standard of living is much higher. If we look at immigration patterns, we’ll see people are moving from totalitarianism to democracy.

We are also being told that our ethnic and sex differences should be cause for celebration and treated as an achievement even though we had nothing to do with them, unless you’re white, and then you should feel guilty because of your white privilege.

As George Orwell said, “some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.”

Phil Underwood


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom