Nice try, no cigar

In response to Harry Nash’s letter on Oct 24 titled “The rigid gun culture” he correctly points out that President Reagan and Rep. Steve Scalise, grievously wounded by gunshot, did not alter their pro-gun positions.

Why? The reason being that they, unlike most liberals who apparently lack the mental capacity to understand; is the fact that no matter how many anti-gun laws are passed – Outlaws don’t obey laws, hence the name “Outlaws”.

Now I don’t believe that the hardcore Liberals/Socials/ puppet masters are so stupid that they don’t understand the difference, so what is their real agenda? No matter how many times they have denied it, their real goal is the dis-armament of law-abiding citizens – so that in the future if they are successful at taking over the government – the one true threat that “would” stop them, has already been eliminated.

Once again “Nice Try – No Cigar”.

Marlin D. Lilley Jr.

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom