Separation from Cuba

I read today that there is trouble in Cuba! What a surprise! I knew when President Obama made whatever agreement he did with Cuba that he was making a mistake. While it is a beautiful country, there is evil and corruption in Cuba. Anybody remember how Fidel Castro acted when he came here for a visit? I do.

When I was a child, my father worked for the government and we went to Cuba, and that was even before Fidel Castro. I was old enough to understand that things were not right there. Later, when we moved to Miami, I helped babysit for a very sweet Cuban woman whose US military husband brought her here. She told me of the way people were treated in Cuba and I am sure I understand why so many risked their lives to come to America. I am glad we appear to be breaking ties with Cuba. That country is truly communist. We will be well rid of that government.

Gretchen H. Kennedy