As a former town cop and retired federal agent, I was stunned by the Las Vegas shooting. As I watched the TV news, I saw the predictable anti-gun-ownership groups’ typical “knee-jerk” reaction calling for “More Gun Control Laws.” I ask the most enthused anti-gunners to please provide us the Gun Control Law that would have prevented the Las Vegas shooting by a person with a “clean” record, who passed all background checks for his gun purchases and was not on the police “radar?” I remind the gun controllers that murder is already illegal in Nevada. What effect would more gun control laws have on a determined, demented mass killer?

No law prevents anything. Recently, after church at coffee hour, a college student with anti-gun-ownership leanings challenged me by saying I was wrong and, for example, he said, “Speed Limit signs control speeding.” I asked him how he arrived at that conclusion? He said, “The law is in force.” I asked him if he ever worked radar and he said he had not. I told him I was a town cop before I became a federal agent and worked radar. I told him, “All the speed limit signs told me was which car to stop and how much to write the ticket for.” I asked him where the speeding prevention was incorporated in the speed limit signs? I advised him to advise his professor to encourage more laws so we can send law enforcement officers home.

The discussion about gun control laws saddens me because the anti-gun rights people have shifted the focus from the wrongdoer to the means used. If the Las Vegas shooter had not had a “bump stock”, but merely a semi-automatic, he would have still killed and wounded far too many honest citizens! The fact is: Government and more laws cannot ensure our safety from Bad People. Enacting more laws may “Feel Good”, but the bottom line is we cannot prevent Evil.

Ron Benjamin


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom