As Event Chair of the “Balloonfest, Airshow and So Much More” presented recently by the Rotary Clubs of Lycoming County, I am feeling incredibly blessed. The Rotary motto is “Service Above Self” and the committee members who work all year to offer this family-friendly, affordable event with “top notch” entertainment, truly exemplify that motto.

Joining the committee the day of the event are additional volunteers — some being friends or family of committee members, students from high schools and colleges, and other Rotarians who give time the day of the event to work at gates and greet our attendees.

We offer appreciation to our performers who do their best to give their best. Sometimes weather is a challenge and to keep all involved safe, we need to adjust schedules or cancel some parts of our event. We have full confidence in them making the right decisions to insure safety and yet do everything possible to meet expectations and hopes of our attendees.

Our sponsors deserve thanks. For the services, dollars, products and advertising that are graciously offered, we couldn’t do it without them!!!

I also want to thank the Williamsport/ Lycoming Chamber of Commerce and the Visitor’s Bureau as we have been a recipient of the grant monies that go for advertising outside our county. We know this makes a difference in the attendance at our event as we do track zip codes and have had many attendees comment on ads they have seen or heard, and billboards that have been purchased in other markets. None of our Rotary Clubs are in and of themselves Chamber members and yet we do receive dollars that enable an event presented by a service club to advertise in ways we would not be able to otherwise. It truly makes a difference for us!

We want to thank attendees who came out and spent time with us. As we had to cancel our afternoon balloon launch because of locally heavy downpours and as we waited for skies to clear, it was wonderful to see children playing in water puddles. And then we were rewarded by an incredible night air show performance followed by a laser light show that brought many to their feet for a “dance party”.

Thank you to all who made the event a success.

Sandy Spencer


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom